Electrical Project Services

Trifaz Calisma

Recommendations Report

According to the characteristic and concept structure of the post-meeting, the alternative solutions for the systems and materials that will provide the optimum business functions are selected according to the structure and they are studied and reported in terms of cost.

Preliminary Project

The electrical components placed according to the requests of the employer’s room designs, the estimated power requirement and sample panel drawings are shared with the employer for the approval.

Application Project

Preliminary Project are reviewed according to architectural, static and mechanical application projects and necessary revisions, calculations, schemes, panel drawings and other details are prepared and presented to the employer with full set application project for the field.

Shop-Drawing Project

According to the changing architectural, static and mechanical projects on the field, the electrical projects are revised according to new architectural project, the details are prepared and delivered with the actual measurements according to the selected electrical materials.

As-Built Project

Based on the application and shop-drawing projects, the as-built electrical projects are drawn according to the application of the contractor and delivered with the operating / maintenance booklets provided by the employer.