trifaz is a electrical project office.

we are an innovative, fast, boutique, constantly learning electricity project office.

Trifaz Masa

Innovative Electrical Project Office

trifaz is brilliant with his innovative approach to qualified projects, incredible effort for customer interests, fast-quality-simple-understandable project drawings, detailed power calculations, project line labeling, project to label, cable and power adaptations and many more.


Are you looking for an office that can warn you about unnecessary data and controls that can be solved with simple, cost-effective and low-cost automation systems that are exactly the counterparts of the ticker? You are welcome.

Trifaz Ampul

Smart Home

We do not stand idle, and instead of saying “We would do it like this” the houses on the market we took action and finished our project now we could say “We designed it and We finished it”. We will return again after the project intensity 🙂

Happy Customers = Profits

We put happiness first in the list of our principles that happiness satisfied customers are. As you can see from our projects, we are continuing with the same employers. It’s enough to let us know just to make us part of your family.

We have some of our references below.

Trifaz Anlasma