Velimeşe OSB Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Project Info

Investor: Tekirdağ Velimeşe Organized Industrial Zone

Employer: Türkerler Holding – Yüksel İnşaat A.Ş.

Debate of the plant: 200.000 m3 / day

Physical Treatment: Mechanical Coarse Grid, Mechanical Fine Grid

Pre-Treatment:Ventilated Sand and Oil Holder

Chemical Treatment: Fast Mixing, Slow Mixing, Chemical Precipitation

Biological Treatment: Bio-Phosphorous Pools, Anoxic- Aerobic Pools, Biological Precipitation

Sludge Dewatering:Sludge Pool, Decanter


Within the scope of the projects (11.150kVA) Wastewater Treatment Facilities in Tekirdağ Velimeşe Organized Industrial Zone;

  • Drawing general systems of electricity, substructure, scada, power and instrument application projects,
  • Installment statements, panel expansions, power and scada column schemes and preparing the electrical calculationss,
  • Preparing the quantity file.